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Our Motto is "Nothing is Impossible."   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  - Todd W. Byars, Founder

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With all the Wars - People often forget the positive uses of Drones or how much fun they can be!

on 13 May 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments (1)

Panama City, Florida: 5-13-2024

With so many Wars going on it is sometimes difficult to remember that Drones and Bots have many positive uses. They are also fun to play with and are for people of all ages.

Several Days ago a severe storm with tornados hit Tallahassee, Florida. Much of the Area was without power or water for a day or more. After helping with the cleanup and the power returned I headed over to Panama City, Florida to check on our properties there.

You can find more information on how bad the storm was online or on my LinkedIn profile: Todd W. Byars, Tallahassee, Florida - Computer Dudes. Do not worry as most everyone has had their power back since Sunday.

Moorebot Scout E for Home and Office Security

Back in January of this year Computer Dudes picked up a Moorebot Scout E to modify for building and factory inspections. We added a Temperature Sensor, A Laser Pointer at a fixed height (for reference and measurements) and a manual retrieval option. Basically it can roll under factory machines, vehicles or into hard to reach areas in buildings or at home.

The project was a success and so we kept a couple of the prototypes - reverting them back to their original form.

Now any of the Computer Dudes can access the Moorebot Scout from their phones - roll it over to the parts storage area and "see" what is physically in inverntory. It saves them a trip to the shop if the parts they need are not there.

A Moorebot was also setup in my home. I programmed it to run a "patrol" around the house and to recognize cats, dogs, and humans. This morning I use it to check on the house, the cats and the weather in Tallahassee.

Other Positive Drone Uses and Training:
Computer Dudes are working on Drone Training and Programming.
Computer Dudes offers a Drone Defense course and hands on training. Here:
Computer Dudes does Android Team Awareness Kit, ATAK, Training with Drones for Land Management and Fire Season here in North Florida.
Computer Dudes are working on Cargo Drones for individuals and companies.
Computer Dudes are researching Cargo Drones to guide large balloons for shade or cooling areas, or on a larger scale to fight global warming.
Computer Dudes do flight training and Drone Games like racing or tag for fun and competition. Human Pilots only no assists from autopilot!

So maybe take a new look at Drones and their many positive uses - then select a Drone for you or your company to try. Remember to check the laws and regulations on Drones and Drone Operations in your Nation, State and City before you select a drone and begin playing or training. Stay safe and Have Fun!

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  • Posted by CorpRattX on 19 May 2024
    With all the Wars - People often forget the positive uses of Drones or how much fun they can be!
    Comments: 32
    Computer Dudes approves the purchase of water and underwater drones for Fall of 2024.

    So far we have: Air Drones, Ground Drones, Tethered Drones, Tracked Drones

    All tested an modified for practical or training applications - not War.

    While the world fights - Computer Dudes advance. See how easy and productive that is? :)T


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3 days ago
Last Day in Boston - visited the Boston [Tea Party Museum which was excellent.

Photos posted on my LinkedIn account including me throwing an empty box of "Tea" overboard.

I should be back in Tallahassee soon.
Regards - Todd W. Byars

6 days ago
Boston. Met with Amazon Warehouse Robot Designer - discussed and shared live video from our modified Moorebot Scout E in Tallahassee, Florida - controlled through my phone including HD Video and Sound.
Toured USS Constitution Museum and Dockyard including the USS Cassin Young DD-793 WWII Destroyer. Photos to be posted on LinkedIn soon. :) Todd

1 week ago
At Sea, 250 miles North of Bermuda aboard the NCL Gem. Today is a Sea Day.
The guests and crew are all very nice and friendly. I hit the Library, had breakfast at the O'Sheehanan's Irish Pub. Piano playing in the Lounge and a DJ on the Pool Deck.
The weather is sunny and the North Atlantic is calm. Regards, Todd

2 weeks ago
Computer Dudes partners with a new local companies in Tallahassee on #solaroneballoon and #solaronedroneballoon project for building of recyclable solar shielding and shade.
Design reviews underway. :)T

2 weeks ago
Hot, Hot, Hot,,, and then Storms.
That is the weather here in New Orleans the last month. Todd has us continuing Computer Dudes research on Cooling Balloons, Plants and Trees.
Last thing: Hurricane Season started June 1st so please make sure you have water, food, and storm supplies. - T. Riker, Field Engineer, New Orleans

1 month ago
Computer Dudes - Tallahassee now has more drones than employees.

Water and Underwater Drones have been selected for purchase and testing.

Drones are better for practical applications and fun than for War.

1 month ago
Our #libraryforspace project now has 324 Books 217 Mb Uncompressed - 77 Mb Compressed. :) :) :)

Neither NASA nor the Library of Congress responded to our requests.

So we go around them and directly to the sources.

Being a former Teacher I am setting the library up with Old Books and New and also Textbooks for PreK-12 and College.
More Updates Soon. :)T

1 month ago
It has been a rough 7 days. Starting Last Friday 2 Major Storms hit Tallahassee, Florida.
Most of the area was without power for a couple of days.
Today I completed my storm cleanup and delivered the last of the emergency supplies to those on my list.
Everyone is safe and recovery had begun.
Thanks to all who helped, get some rest and family time when you can.
Regards - Todd W. Byars

1 month ago
It does not really matter where you are in Florida or the SE United States you are subject to the weather and power / internet failure even with triple redundant systems.
I just lost a nice post for this website when went to post it and the Internet blinked. Then the power blinked. Now its raining.
In 15 minutes the sun will be out again. Crazy Summer Weather!

1 month ago
Computer Dudes still online after nearby Tornado touchdown.
All Safe...

#solaronemonolith, #solaronedatacenter still online. Grid Power is Down.
No Worries. :)T

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