Gordo-8: A Systems and Pricing Review


The Gordo-8 and 12 Series are now both available for sale. They come as a small carry case of clustered computers, or attached to a granite Monolith and Solar Power Systems.

The Computer Dudes, Inc's research on Single Board Computers, SBC,  that use very little electricity, back in the 1990s when they were only used for traffic signs and such.  The first one was a 80846 SBC.

For the last 3 years we have developed and are in production with the Gordo-8 and Gordo-12 Series.   The number beside the name indicates how many computers are in the cluster.  
The Gordo Series uses a round core which allows for many motherboards to be run in a cluster or as separate servers. 

Gordo-8 Base Configuration

Node Zero: Control Node
Node One:  Apache Server
Node Two:  Samba 4 Server with 1 Tb SSD, USB 3.1
Node Three:  Samba Node (controlled by Samba4 Server)
Node Four: Raspberrian Server or Workstation
Node Five: Backup Server for Files, Data and Video
Node Six:  CUPS / Printserver
Node Seven:  Routing and Security Server

Base Pricing
Gordo-8 Monolithic Solar:  $10,750

Gordo-8 Standard plug in / indoor version:  $6,450


This news item is from The Computer Dudes Inc