Gordo and Chico Class Supercomputers: An Overview

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Chico Class
2 to 8 Raspberry Pi 4Bs, or similar form factor computers
130 Watt Maximum power consumption
The Chico Class comes in a clear plexiglass case the size of a loaf of bread.

Gordo Class
8 to 48 Raspberry Pi 4Bs, or similar form factor computers
750 Watts per hour Maximum Power Consumption 
PLA, Plastic, Plexiglass, CarbonFiber or Glass Computer Core
Gigabit Wired Switch with dual Uplink Ports (wire or fiber)

Indoor / Data Center Version
Outdoor / Solar Powered Monolithic Version

More details and specs coming soon:    

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2 months ago
Hey! This is Todd.

I am still on medical restriction from working for a month or so as I recover from my open heart surgery about 2 weeks ago.

It is slow going and painful but I am making progress every day and the medical people are sending 2 nurses by my house each week - one for case managment and one for physical therapy.

I am under orders not to lift anything weighing more than 10 lbs.

Thanks for everyones concern and all the kind note, emails and discussions on LinkedIn.

More soon. Thanks - Todd

3 months ago
Hi, I am Thomas Riker, I am an engineer out of New Orleans helping cover the SE United States with Computer Dudes products and services.

As many of you are aware our Founder and the inventor of the #solaronemonolith recently had chest pains and went to the Hospital. Todd is out of the Hospital now but must return for Open Heart Surgery next week or the following week.

Todd transferred command of Computer Dudes to me this morning.

He plans to return in 6 to 12 weeks. Until then the rest of the Computer Dudes and their engineers will continue operations normally.

You have my word on this. :)

Thomas Riker
Computer Dudes, New Orleans, Field Engineer and now Temporary CEO of Computer Dudes.

4 months ago
War or No War.
All our clients are STILL secure.
All backups done and in storage.
Good Job Dudes!


4 months ago
Network and Workstation Virtualization Starts Here:


Use "Baremetal" Servers with No Clouds or Command Consoles for most secure operation

Google P2V for more info. :)T

4 months ago
ALERT: As our confidence in Windows Operating Systems continues to decline we would like to advise all our friends and clients to P2V any critical Windows Systems that they have online or in critical systems and servers.

Virtualization allows safe operation and quick restoration of any computers that fail.

Virtualized systems can be kept safe and monitored externally in real time behind your companies routers and DMZ.

Virtualized Systems on local servers with offsite data center backup and redundant backups.

4 months ago
Cellular or WiFi Data can be less Expensive than a Satellite Link for remote projects and Data Centers.

We have several versions of Cellular Data available for our #solaronemonolith products and outdoor off-grid data centers.


Why should Data Centers have ANY power bill or even a building with this level of technology? ;)

Todd W. Byars

4 months ago
ALERT: Facebook and groups supporting Facebook and Meta are Phishing all the other Social Networks currently - including LinkedIn, for new members or for people to rejoin Facebook.

It has happened to me quite a few times and several of my employees and dozens of my friends in the last 2 weeks.

Personally, I just drop and block them, like I do other spammers, or bots.

Pass the word. Let people know not to get #phished by #facebook.

Friends don't allow each other to get phished or conned. Spread the word.

4 months ago
Computer Dudes received their first Wind Turbine to double the power available at our Site One Solar Monolithic Data Center. #solaronemonolith

Our Outdoor Solar Data Centers require no Grid Tie or Data Line.

Design life using Granite, Steel and Glass as well as modular replaceable parts is 100 years.

Zero Power Bill. Wifi, Satellite, Fiber or Wired Data are all options.

Multiple Power Inputs including Backup Generators keep the outdoor data centers running around the clock in any weather.

I can't wait to see the 5 bladed Wind Turbine up and in action.

It provides from 200 to 600 Watts according to wind speed and the wind is always blowing in North Florida. :)T

4 months ago
All our #solaronemonoliths are online and did not skip a beat during last nights record low temperature here in Tallahassee, Florida. 22 degrees Fahrenheit
Thats 10 degrees below freezing. Most batteries fail at Freezing temps or below.
I love the smell of Success on a chilly morning.
Good Job to all Design and Engineering teams - we have another record. :)Todd

4 months ago
The Gordo-4i is live and online!

Indoor Version with built in control station.

Great Job Team! :)T

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