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Our Motto is "Nothing is Impossible."   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  - Todd W. Byars, Founder

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The Computer Dudes, Global Operations initiates creation and download of a Library for SPACE.

on 29 Apr 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments (3)

The Computer Dudes - Global Operations - initiates and Library for Humans to carry to Space.

The library will include all topics as well as Literature, Art, Music, Science, Math, Biology, Medical and especially books, charts, maps, art and history of Mankind in Space.
The final version will fit on a compressed USB, ZIP, or SSHD for use by individuals and groups out of range of Library and other Information Servers.

Computer Dudes from the Western United States and Central Europe will be joining the effort as will some Pacific Rim Nations including New Zealand and Australia.

Library Server build in progress!    Linux Clustering.   Air Gapped.   That server will then send to a Hosting Server once the Library is ready to go online.
For SPACE the Library or partial Library will be compressed onto memory chips, drives,  PDA's, Phones, and spacecraft computers.

Once portable - in compressed chip format.     We will also have a portable server option and or 3D computer core option - with solar as primary or backup power.

34 Titles Downloaded and Indexed Today

More soon.    Todd W. Byars, Computer Dudes.     

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  • Posted by CorpRattX on 09 May 2024
    The Computer Dudes, Global Operations initiates creation and download of a Library for SPACE.
    Comments: 32
    Computer Dudes' Library for Space now has over 225 books.

    Literature, History, Botany, Philosophy, Physics, Aviation.... books for Education for Students ages 2 to 102

    What book would you like to ready while you are sitting in your Spacesuit in Transit to the Moon or Mars?

    What books would you want to Educate your crew, family and children?

    Let us Know and we will see if we can add that book to the library.

    Library Size, Uncompressed, Zipped, Date
    160+ Books, 139 Mb, 53 Mb, 5-9-2024
    225+ Books, 157 Mb, 133 Mb, 5-10-2024
    271+ Books, 184 Mb, 150 Mb, 5-16-2024

    Todd W. Byars
    Computer Dudes
    Global Opertions and Space

    #computerdudes #library for #space #expands
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 02 May 2024
    The Computer Dudes, Global Operations initiates creation and download of a Library for SPACE.
    Comments: 32
    The Computer Dudes, Inc
    6555 Tom Roberts Road
    Tallahassee, FL 32305

    May 5th, 2024

    NASA Headquarters Library
    300 E St. SW, suite 1W53
    Washington, DC 20546

    Dear NASA Friends,

    My company The Computer Dudes, Inc is putting together a SPACE library.

    We hope to include all major instructional disciplines and Education Materail k-12, College, Career.

    1) We were wondering were there any libraries carried aloft by Apollo or books they carried?
    2) Same Question for Skylab and the International Space Station
    3) What about the Shuttle Missions

    Last question - does NASA have plans for a Space Library, or Library server, on the Moon, or Mars when we get there?

    If possible we would be happy to help build it.


    Todd W. Byars
    Computer Dudes
    Tallahassee, Florida
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 29 Apr 2024
    The Computer Dudes, Global Operations initiates creation and download of a Library for SPACE.
    Comments: 32
    The Computer Dudes we are working with in UK, Scotland and Ireland will miss out on this as they could not get their act together.

    Look for Computer Dudes recruiting and Re-Genesis AGAIN in UK, Ireland and Scotland.

    This will be the second big contract you will be missing out on. :(T


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3 days ago
Last Day in Boston - visited the Boston [Tea Party Museum which was excellent.

Photos posted on my LinkedIn account including me throwing an empty box of "Tea" overboard.

I should be back in Tallahassee soon.
Regards - Todd W. Byars

6 days ago
Boston. Met with Amazon Warehouse Robot Designer - discussed and shared live video from our modified Moorebot Scout E in Tallahassee, Florida - controlled through my phone including HD Video and Sound.
Toured USS Constitution Museum and Dockyard including the USS Cassin Young DD-793 WWII Destroyer. Photos to be posted on LinkedIn soon. :) Todd

1 week ago
At Sea, 250 miles North of Bermuda aboard the NCL Gem. Today is a Sea Day.
The guests and crew are all very nice and friendly. I hit the Library, had breakfast at the O'Sheehanan's Irish Pub. Piano playing in the Lounge and a DJ on the Pool Deck.
The weather is sunny and the North Atlantic is calm. Regards, Todd

2 weeks ago
Computer Dudes partners with a new local companies in Tallahassee on #solaroneballoon and #solaronedroneballoon project for building of recyclable solar shielding and shade.
Design reviews underway. :)T

2 weeks ago
Hot, Hot, Hot,,, and then Storms.
That is the weather here in New Orleans the last month. Todd has us continuing Computer Dudes research on Cooling Balloons, Plants and Trees.
Last thing: Hurricane Season started June 1st so please make sure you have water, food, and storm supplies. - T. Riker, Field Engineer, New Orleans

1 month ago
Computer Dudes - Tallahassee now has more drones than employees.

Water and Underwater Drones have been selected for purchase and testing.

Drones are better for practical applications and fun than for War.

1 month ago
Our #libraryforspace project now has 324 Books 217 Mb Uncompressed - 77 Mb Compressed. :) :) :)

Neither NASA nor the Library of Congress responded to our requests.

So we go around them and directly to the sources.

Being a former Teacher I am setting the library up with Old Books and New and also Textbooks for PreK-12 and College.
More Updates Soon. :)T

1 month ago
It has been a rough 7 days. Starting Last Friday 2 Major Storms hit Tallahassee, Florida.
Most of the area was without power for a couple of days.
Today I completed my storm cleanup and delivered the last of the emergency supplies to those on my list.
Everyone is safe and recovery had begun.
Thanks to all who helped, get some rest and family time when you can.
Regards - Todd W. Byars

1 month ago
It does not really matter where you are in Florida or the SE United States you are subject to the weather and power / internet failure even with triple redundant systems.
I just lost a nice post for this website when went to post it and the Internet blinked. Then the power blinked. Now its raining.
In 15 minutes the sun will be out again. Crazy Summer Weather!

1 month ago
Computer Dudes still online after nearby Tornado touchdown.
All Safe...

#solaronemonolith, #solaronedatacenter still online. Grid Power is Down.
No Worries. :)T

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