Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.

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We started our Drone Defense training course this morning with a one hour segment on Drones, Perimeters, Threat Vectors and Attack Vectors.   

This segment covers the basic of drones, their weak points, flight paths and attack vectors.     After a brief classroom segment we practiced personal drone defense inside 20 yards.

Then we discussed drone defense weapons, their weight, their ammo (if any) and how to use them at different ranges.    The group practiced defending against different flight and approach vectors and speeds.

We closed with a segment on safety, cleanup, and storage of equipment.    None of the Civilians who took the training had any experience with drones, or defense, or electronic warfare, or weapons.

The Computer Dudes, Inc offered the whole course - including live shooting, and wifi defense, against drones and targets set to fly like attacking drones - in March of 2024.   For those of you who missed the Training we revealed our secret weapon for personal drone defense inside of 10 meters - in the comments section below this story.

Drone Defense Training:
Segment One - Drone Size, Class, Identification and the "Ready" Stance - Ready to Listen, Ready to See, Ready to React
Segment Two - Drone Threat / Response by Distance, Bearing and Angle of Attack  -  Current "Layers" of Drone and or Air Defense
Segment Three - Defining your "personal defense zone" - from your person out to about 50 yards.
Segment Four - Tools and Weapons for Drone Defense - Comparison and Discussion 
Segment Five - Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Jammers and Electronic Drone "guns"
Segment Six - Shotgun and Pistol identification and practice on Paper Targets,  Practice with Laser Pointer on or in barrel.
Segment Seven - Hunting Birds and Hunting Drones - Similar Theory and Practice
Segment Eight - Shooting Skeet and "Moving Targets" out to 60+ Yards
Segment Nine - Drone Flight and Practice  -  Drone vs Drone simulation.
Segment Ten - Anti-Drone Ammunition, Non-Lethat Ammo, Carbon Ball Ammo, Salt Rock Ammo, 12 Gauge compared to .410
Segment Eleven - Shoot and Scoot!!   Electronics OFF..   Drone Avoidance. 
Segment Twelve - Open Practice according to student or group requests.

Everyone completing the course will receive a Certificate, some books and materials used during the course and a free sample of our new ammunitions.

We are looking at this being a 3 or 4 day event with social events and food from the area - including some of the game birds professionally prepared.

The area has normal Hotels or Historic Places one can choose to stay during the nights.     A number of the groups supporting this project will have many types of hunting, sporting goods, sporting wear, knives, tents, hiking gear, hunting gear and even hunting licenses.

Extra time with a professional trainer on the shooting part of this course, or of any other part of this course will be available during the course or for hire for private lessions.


Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Drones and Drone Defense - 2024

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  • Posted by CorpRattX on 14 Apr 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 32

    Due to the increasing amount of drones being used to pester people or in wars - Computer Dudes - Open Sources all our Drone Training.

    Our SECRET weapon is a pistol that shoots .410 shotgun shells for Drone Defense, we also make non-lethal to humans or animals .410 ammunition.

    A RF frequency Gun is basically a portable high powered radio transmitter and a directional antenna that improves the power output.

    Our LAST addition to weapons against drones are to drop or capture a drone. Air powered Tee-Shirt Guns can shoot a square cloth or net out to 100 yards and up several stories like they do in Arena Football Games or Concerts to give T-Shirts to the fans.

    You will learn all this in detail in our courses. This information is now Open Source. Free to use or share.

    But if you want the latest best training we give you will have to register next time we open the registration for Drone Defense Training.

    Be Safe, Have fun, Be kind and protect others. The Computer Dudes, Way!

    Todd W. Byars Owner, Founder, Inventor, Builder, Local, State, Regional, National, and International.

    You can find these things online and at electronics shops as well as retail stores.
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 11 Mar 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 32 US Military anti-draining training to compare to ours and other Drone Defense Courses.

    Computer Dudes course covers Non-Military System for Individual, Family, Community, Company and Government. :)T
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 11 Mar 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 32
    Military version of Anti-Drone / Drone Defense Courses

    To compare to other Drone Defense courses in 2024
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 04 Mar 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 32
    FDLE has cleared their backlog. In fact, it works so well one of our clients got FDLE approval on a gun purchase - in 7 minutes.

    Good Job FDLE!!

    Anyone know how they set it up so it works now? Or did they create a new database and access portals?

    Thanks FDLE. :)Todd
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 08 Feb 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 32
    Possible delay in program - FDLE is overloaded with fire arm purchase requests.

    This is a problem because some of those who attend our class on drone defense may wish to purchase a small version of a .410 shotgun to use for target practice shooting sporting clays.

    Inquiries have been made...

    All of our other permitting is covered by the Shooting Range and Class Space Rental.

    Any shooting or instruction on shooting will be taught by a certified instructor with a history of hunting and gun instruction.

    Final details will be in the Full Class Offering and Requirements when we open the course for registration.

    More Soon... :)T


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1 week ago
Computer Dudes - Tallahassee now has more drones than employees.

Water and Underwater Drones have been selected for purchase and testing.

Drones are better for practical applications and fun than for War.

1 week ago
Our #libraryforspace project now has 324 Books 217 Mb Uncompressed - 77 Mb Compressed. :) :) :)

Neither NASA nor the Library of Congress responded to our requests.

So we go around them and directly to the sources.

Being a former Teacher I am setting the library up with Old Books and New and also Textbooks for PreK-12 and College.
More Updates Soon. :)T

1 week ago
It has been a rough 7 days. Starting Last Friday 2 Major Storms hit Tallahassee, Florida.
Most of the area was without power for a couple of days.
Today I completed my storm cleanup and delivered the last of the emergency supplies to those on my list.
Everyone is safe and recovery had begun.
Thanks to all who helped, get some rest and family time when you can.
Regards - Todd W. Byars

2 weeks ago
It does not really matter where you are in Florida or the SE United States you are subject to the weather and power / internet failure even with triple redundant systems.
I just lost a nice post for this website when went to post it and the Internet blinked. Then the power blinked. Now its raining.
In 15 minutes the sun will be out again. Crazy Summer Weather!

2 weeks ago
Computer Dudes still online after nearby Tornado touchdown.
All Safe...

#solaronemonolith, #solaronedatacenter still online. Grid Power is Down.
No Worries. :)T

3 weeks ago
Computer Dudes - Global Operations and Aerospace rolled out designs for a new system for Global Cooling.

We have modified a drone to tow or keep on station a large balloon for to block the sun and keep the heat rising while the cool air falls.

The first Test Balloon of Mylar arrives next week.

The project is being discussed with India, Africa, Japan and other Nations on or near the Equator.

More soon... :)T

4 weeks ago
Space Library Initialized

34 Books Downloaded and Indexed.
More tomorrow.

Our Goal is 5 TB of books and materials for the SPACE LIBRARY project and servers. :)T

4 weeks ago
Reseller Agreement request - Denied

Moving to the next vendor on the list.

Know a US vendor selling Drones for Cargo or Land Management and made in America?

Let us know and we will review their products and give them a call.

Next!! lol ;)T

4 weeks ago
Drones and Books are coming in!!

Two different projects - rolling smoothly - The Computer Dudes Way.

Library Server Setup began 2 days ago. It is a Linux Cluster - Air Gapped except when we need access.

Drones - we hope to have Drones for Commercial Use such as Land Management, Fire Season, Cargo, Learning to Fly and even possibly racing.

More soon....

4 weeks ago
Labcorp dot com - Scheduling and Other Functions DOWN.

8:30 AM Eastern Time
Scheduled Maintenance, Or Other Cause.

One of our clients called it in, we are investigating further. No worries.

Have a Great Day. :)T

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