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Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.

on 14 Jan 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments (5)

We started our Drone Defense training course this morning with a one hour segment on Drones, Perimeters, Threat Vectors and Attack Vectors.   

This segment covers the basic of drones, their weak points, flight paths and attack vectors.     After a brief classroom segment we practiced personal drone defense inside 20 yards.

Then we discussed drone defense weapons, their weight, their ammo (if any) and how to use them at different ranges.    The group practiced defending against different flight and approach vectors and speeds.

We closed with a segment on safety, cleanup, and storage of equipment.    None of the Civilians who took the training had any experience with drones, or defense, or electronic warfare, or weapons.

The Computer Dudes, Inc in conjunction with Mac 1 Security hope to offer the whole course - including live shooting and wifi defense against drones and targets set to fly like attacking drones - starting in March of 2024.   We will post as soon as the class is ready and registration is open.

Drone Defense Training:
Segment One - Drone Size, Class, Identification and the "Ready" Stance - Ready to Listen, Ready to See, Ready to React
Segment Two - Drone Threat / Response by Distance, Bearing and Angle of Attack  -  Current "Layers" of Drone and or Air Defense
Segment Three - Defining your "personal defense zone" - from your person out to about 50 yards.
Segment Four - Tools and Weapons for Drone Defense - Comparison and Discussion 
Segment Five - Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Jammers and Electronic Drone "guns"
Segment Six - Shotgun and Pistol identification and practice on Paper Targets,  Practice with Laser Pointer on or in barrel.
Segment Seven - Hunting Birds and Hunting Drones - Similar Theory and Practice
Segment Eight - Shooting Skeet and "Moving Targets" out to 60+ Yards
Segment Nine - Drone Flight and Practice  -  Drone vs Drone simulation.
Segment Ten - Anti-Drone Ammunition, Non-Lethat Ammo, Carbon Ball Ammo, Salt Rock Ammo, 12 Gauge compared to .410
Segment Eleven - Shoot and Scoot!!   Electronics OFF..   Drone Avoidance. 
Segment Twelve - Open Practice according to student or group requests.

Everyone completing the course will receive a Certificate, some books and materials used during the course and a free sample of our new ammunitions.

We are looking at this being a 3 or 4 day event with social events and food from the area - including some of the game birds professionally prepared.

The area has normal Hotels or Historic Places one can choose to stay during the nights.     A number of the groups supporting this project will have many types of hunting, sporting goods, sporting wear, knives, tents, hiking gear, hunting gear and even hunting licenses.

Extra time with a professional trainer on the shooting part of this course, or of any other part of this course will be available during the course or for hire for private lessions.


Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Drones and Drone Defense - 2024

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  • Posted by CorpRattX on 08 Feb 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 17
    Possible delay in program - FDLE is overloaded with fire arm purchase requests.

    This is a problem because some of those who attend our class on drone defense may wish to purchase a small version of a .410 shotgun to use for target practice shooting sporting clays.

    Inquiries have been made...

    All of our other permitting is covered by the Shooting Range and Class Space Rental.

    Any shooting or instruction on shooting will be taught by a certified instructor with a history of hunting and gun instruction.

    Final details will be in the Full Class Offering and Requirements when we open the course for registration.

    More Soon... :)T
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 06 Feb 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 17
    AIRTAK or SIMILAR to Define and Control Your "Airspace"

    Yes a Drone can carry the entire rig for unhindered - line of sight and also Overwatch. :)T
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 06 Feb 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 17
    Laser Boresight Pointers in 12 GA and .410 arrived last week.

    A new single shot .410 comes in tomorrow.

    Clays and Ammunition are in too.

    Shell Design Testing and Modification: In Progress.

    Thought of a great TV or Internet Ad for the Drone Defense Course using the Pistol Version of our Drone Defense quickly and at close range - while the character in the ad is reading a story by a campfire.

    The drone annoys it and he swats it like a mosquito then resumes his story to the implied audience and his camping family on vacation.

    Progress is made. :)T
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 30 Jan 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 17
    Computer Dudes has repurposed a type of pistol carrying 5 rounds of a newly modified, non-lethal to humans, drone killing ammunition.

    New ammo samples for testing have been ordered.

    With one of these and the correct training with practice and Drones a no longer a threat to your person or property.

    Also our drone and simulated drone "targets" are far more fun to shoot than skeet or trap clays.

    Any instruction we give includes "Clean Up" of any garbage or empty shells dropped on the course or during the training.

    A warning: If you cannot take care of yourself or your equipment and supplies - you will FAIL the course.

    Todd W. Byars
    Computer Dudes
    Drone Defense Course 2024
  • Posted by CorpRattX on 16 Jan 2024
    Computer Dudes initiate Drone Defense training.
    Comments: 17
    Laser Bore Sights and Field Manuals Ordered for: Computer Dudes' new Drone Defense Course

    12 Ga, .410 , 9 mm, 10 mm, .45, .357, .44 and .50 pistol.

    A Bore Sight is shaped like a bullet - but has a laser that projects down the barrel and to the target. Bore sights make it easier to see where on the target you are aiming by placing a "laser dot" on the target.

    Expect "Classes" on Personal Drone Defense in February or March of this year, 2024.

    Classes will be held in Tallahassee, Florida and Thomasville, Georgia. Small class groups classroom and field training as well as target training for all.

    This course is quite a bit of fun too.

    I designed this course based on Quail and other bird hunting as a boy living in rural areas South of Atlanta, Georgia. Quail before the "fire ants" came.

    It is decades later - and the quail have come back.

    Drones fly in patterns much like birds.

    Drones can be downed by regular guns firing "non-lethal" to humans ammunition, or using "wifi," or high powered radio bursts.


    Todd W. Byars
    Computer Dudes


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13 hours ago
2 New Drones arrived today for our next Drone Flight Training Class. One is a new drone to replace for one lost earlier this week in our Basic Drone Flight Training.

That is the benefit of learning flight and flight maneuvers on in-expensive - disposable drones.

The student then gets a choice on which of the practice drone models they want to take home.

Part of our drone training includes an overview of how to pass the FAA Drone, Recreational or Private Pilot's License as well as a list of schools and resources in their home town - or near.

2 days ago
Computer Dudes Salute - Devuan a more powerful Linux Distro that can be secured and that does not have to use Clouds.

This is from our friends in Europe - Computer Dudes has worked extensively with this groups softwares and operating systems.

Great job to everyone working on or who assisted this group in the past. :)Todd

4 days ago
DJI Spark Drone - Mixed Reality - Meta Quest 3 with SideLoader to import Android Software which controls the drone.

This fellows video covers the basics.

Computer Dudes is a bit farther along using different equipment. :)T

6 days ago
Military version of Anti-Drone / Drone Defense Courses

As for Computer Dudes' "Civilian" Drone Defense Course we have techniques weapons not know to the military. As the video in the link shows the military has weapons and methods civilians and companies can not use at this time.

Like the military Computer Dudes' Drone Defense course uses a "layered" defense. :)T

1 week ago
MyrtlewoodPlantation dot com

In Thomasville, Georgia about 40 minutes drive to the North of Tallahassee, Florida.

Hunting and Fishing! Including Sporting Clays, Quail Hunting, and Shotgun Training.

It is that time of year! :)Todd

1 week ago
Some of the small WiFi Bridge equipment, with directional antennas, can be used to "jam" or "block" a WiFi router, transmitter, or small area of WiFi service.
It is not a new concept or function - its just the last time we experimented with WiFi jamming the Yagi antenna, transmission, and monitoring equipment weighed several hundred pounds.
Current to 2024 WiFi "Bridge" equipment works off a phone and the antenna's are the size of a tea cup. Cool Stuff! :)T

1 week ago
Today we are working on Industrial Robot Control interfaces and methodology with the Meta Quest 3

This morning we used the headset to configure workstations and virtual workstations in a 3D digital copy of the International Space Station, the ISS. :)T

1 week ago
Hello atlagax1 dot starlink dot net - Welcome to the party... :)T

1 week ago
Only the Computer Dudes dares to bring FPV Simulators and Trainers - to the real world!!

Freestyle - pilot vs pilot and drone vs drone on indoor and outdoor courses.

Our "Dogfight" drone game is the most fun in my experience.

We use the manual controllers but are modding things for VR and Mixed Reality Headset Use.

Dont have a drone yet? Use some of the FPV or other training simulations and instructions on youtube. Have fun! :)T

1 week ago
Why Muon Beams are important - from Fermilab discussion:

Radio Waves and Light(laser) have been mastered as "carrier waves" for audio, video, and data.

What might be the "next" carrier wave? One not blocked by Matter or Time?? ;)T

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